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960 W 7th Street, Los Angeles

PROJECT HOTLINE : 213-330-8136


- Completed late June, 2019 - Rerouting of existing utilities to make the site ready for construction - Completed mid-June, 2019 - Closure of pedestrian walkway between Fig @ 7th parking structure and the mall - Completed early June, 2019 - Site Clearing and demo - Completed late July, 2019 - Securing of site perimeter


- Early July, 2019 - Shoring-drilling of soldier piles: Drilling equipment mobilized

- Scheduled for mid-July, 2019 - Excavation at south end of site

- Scheduled for early August, 2019 - Re-opening of pedestrian exit from parking garage south elevators


Site preparation is underway at the 960 W 7th Street site located between the Fig@7th parking structure and 777 Fig Tower. Each month our newsletter detailing upcoming project activities will be distributed electronically to the local building and HOA managers. It is a priority to communicate with our neighbors and to the best of our ability, minimize the impact our construction activities may have on you, while maintaining a safe environment for the public and construction team alike. To this end, we would like to share the following information about our construction-related activities:

Access to driveways on 8th Street will be maintained at all times.

The parking lane on 8th Street in front of the project will be closed during construction.

Pedestrian access on 8th Street in front of the project will be maintained via a barricade tunnel.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all trucks and equipment (such as forklifts) to have audible back-up alarms. Additionally, the tower crane operators are required to sound their horn when hoisting a load overhead.

Normal Working Hours: M-F from 7am – 6pm/ Sat 8am – 6pm

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